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A costume featured in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier for wear by William Shatner during his portrayal of “Captain Kirk” during opening scenes as he was climbing ‘El Capitan' in Yosemite National Park. The costume is made up of a black trousers with neon green piping flairs below the knee, and a purple sweater with orange piping and an orange collar in the front and back of the neck with a minute amount of distress in the front. The lot also comes with black colored climbing shoes with the ‘Boreal’ name brand inscribed on the sole, a flap that covers the laces by way of snaps and Velcro and a costumer’s tag indicating the shoes are for blue screen use. The costume features a black nylon climbing belt with a silver colored metal buckle, a black Carabiner with a silver colored screw lock, and a red nylon chalk bag with a draw string seal. The costumer’s tag reads ‘Star Trek V, William Shatner as Capt. Kirk CHG #1’ and the sewn in tag inside the trousers reads ‘Shatner, blue screen’. Due to time and storage conditions the orange element in the sweater shows signs of settled dust.