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A costume style featured in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine for wear by Michael Dorn in his performance as “Lieutenant Commander Worf” from the second part of the fifth season through the end of the series, and appearing in Star Trek: First Contact, Insurrection, and Nemesis. The costume is a black Starfleet uniform jumpsuit with gray quilted shoulders and command red division stripes around the cuffs, with sewn in ‘away team' loops at the form fitting elastic waist. The costume also comes with a command red division short sleeved undershirt with sewn in musculature in the chest, back, and arms for a more ‘Klingon’ appearance, with brass colored metal pins, one with a black painted fill, on the right side of the neck indicating the wearer to be a ‘lieutenant commander’ which were located with the costume, and a pair of black leather shoes with inscriptions of ‘M.D.’ and ‘WORF’. Also included is a metallic silver and metallic gold colored resin Starfleet combadge with an inscription on the reverse reading 'x65' for affixing to the black Velcro placement on the left breast of the jumpsuit that was not located with the costume for as complete as possible a representation of the character. The costume features sewn in Deep Space Nine tags inscribed ‘Michael Dorn’.