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EBAY#: 140114909531 START: 2007-05-04 14:40:00 (week 21)
END: 2007-05-11 14:40:00
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The Vulcans are a humanoid race from the plant Vulcan who are known for their great sense of logic and stoic nature. They were one of the instrumental species responsible for establishing the United Federation of Planets and were featured throughout the Star Trek anthology. This costume was worn by a Vulcan electrician working on the Klingon ‘Bird of Prey'. It was renamed the HMS Bounty by the U.S.S. Enterprise crew who seized the vessel in StarTrek IV: The Voyage Home. The long sleeved khaki top has a V-neck and four pairs of gold colored metal buttons down the front. The trousers are also khaki color with diamond shaped cuffs and a draw string waist. The accompanying Vulcan hat is rust color with a black and rust band and black pin-striped chin strap. It has a resin Vulcan decoration on the right side and black lacing in the back. Costume comes complete with costume tag.