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“Odo” (Rene Auberjonois) was Chief of Security onboard “Deep Space Nine” and a Bajoran national. He is a Changeling, meaning his life form is liquid based and able to shapeshift. This is his costume from when he was suffering the ‘Founders Virus' created by section 31 during the Dominion war. Made of lined latex, both the top and trousers resembles cracked and broken skin. The accompanying boots are also covered in the same latex. Costume comes complete with costume tag.

Notes from someone


This is <em>NOT</em> a costume worn by Rene Auberjonois in the final DS9 episodes, when Odo was affected by the Founder virus, but it is the costume he wore in the Season 3 episode "The Die is Cast", when he was tortured by Garak and was not able to change shape. Compare the various screenshots here with the uniform up for auction - they are completely identical. When Odo was affected by the Founder virus, in "Tacking Into the Wind" and "Extreme Measures", for example, he wore a civilian outfit, because he was on an undercover mission together with Major Kira. The melted costume he wore in those episode can be seen here for example - looks completely different.


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