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EBAY#: 140117216323 START: 2007-05-11 15:37:00 (week 22)
END: 2007-05-18 15:37:00
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A costume featured in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Sub Rosa” for wear by Duncan Reger in his portrayal of “Ronin”, an anaphasic life form passing down from one generation to the next within the family of “Dr. Beverly Crusher” (Gates McFadden). The costume is a pair of woven black wool trousers, a matching button fron jacket with pockets, and a woven wool vest with a white an gray checkerboard pattern and a black nylon interior lining. All three garments feature a sewn in TNG tag reading ‘Duncan Reger' and the costumer’s tag reads ‘#266, TNG “Sub Rosa”, Ronin, Duncan Reger’. Reger went on to portray the recurring role of the Bajoran “Shakaar Edon” in multiple Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episodes.