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The Ferengi “Grand Nagus” was the leader of the Ferengi Alliance during the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine series. His prestigious role granted him political as well as economic leadership of the race. There were at least six known Grand Naguses including “Gint” (Max Grodénchik) who was the first Ferengi Grand Nagus featured in the DS9 episode “Body Parts”, and “Zek” (Wallace Shawn) who was the Grand Nagus for most of the 24th Century who appeared in seven DS9 episodes including “The Nagus” and “Rules of Acquisition”. The Grand Nagus carries with him a staff that is traditional for an individual to kiss the head of after receiving advice from the Ferengi leader. The staff is made of solid resin fashioned to resemble wood with a Ferengi head at the top. The head is painted gold and the rest of the staff is brown. The lower portion of the staff is lost to time however the significant top half is here and a great piece for any Star Trek fan to own! Measures approx. 26 ½ x 5 x 5 inches.

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This is actually the staff used by Neelix, disguised as the Ferengi Grand Proxy, in the VOY episode "False profits". When the two stranded Ferengi, Kol and Arridor, decide not to obey the "Grand Proxy" 's demands and want to kill him using swords, Neelix uses the staff for protection. While doing so, it is hit by one of the swords, breaking in half at the exact spot where this staff is broken, explaining why the lower half is missing. So, this is likely a replica of the staff used in all of DS9, as the complete scepter was seen in later DS9 episodes, aired after "False profits".

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