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EBAY#: 140117145913 START: 2007-05-11 13:36:00 (week 22)
END: 2007-05-18 13:36:00
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A costume featured in the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Drive" for wear by Cyia Batten in her role as "Irina" where "Lieutenant Tom Paris" (Robert Duncan McNeil) and "Ensign Harry Kim" (Garret Wang) enter the “Delta Flyer” in an interstellar race. The costume is for the character "Irina" (Cyia Batten), whom Tom and Harry from a Neocene gas leak, and is a red and orange vinyl jumpsuit that zips up the back on the right side and clasps on the gold colored stripes on the right arm and, below the waist, is the same gold color as the stripes. A sewn in tag reads 'Voyager, Cyia Batten' and the costumer's tag reads '#249 Voyager Drive, Irina, Cyia Batten, Racing Costume, vinyl with orange/red. Batten also appeared in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Bound” as an Orion Slave Girl named “Navaar”.