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EBAY#: 140119635236 START: 2007-05-18 12:06:00 (week 23)
END: 2007-05-25 12:06:00
BIDS: 26PRICE: $5100.55confirmedsuccess
Positive feedback great piece of S.T. history. thank you!
An L-shaped console appearing on the bridge of the “USS Enterprise-E” in Star Trek: First Contact, Insurrection, and Nemesis. The item is freestanding with holes made for mounting to a deck, constructed from wood and sheet metal painted metallic bronze. The work surface features LCARS (Library Computer Access and Retrieval System) panels, one with a multicolor backlit graphical application which and functioning lights powered by a standard US 110volt two prong plug and another with adhesive metallic gold accents on the top and a clear square for mounting over a monitor. The item features metallic gold adhesive applications as accents on the front and reverse. The item measures approx. 70 X 34 X 35 inches.