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EBAY#: 140119635415 START: 2007-05-18 12:58:00 (week 23)
END: 2007-05-25 12:58:00
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A costume featured in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode "Stratagem" where "Enterprise" captures the mastermind behind the Xindi super-weapon and tries to trick him into revealing its location, for wear by Randy Ogelsby in the role of the Xindi-Primate "Degra". The costume is maroon nubby wool, a leather outlined panel down the front that hides the buttons, corresponding overall style trousers, and Fressura brand Italian leather shoes. Both garments are distressed to appear as if they have been worn for years. A sewn in tag on both the pants and shirt read 'Enterprise, Randy Ogelsby' and the costumer's tag reads '#066 Stratagem, Degra, Randy Ogelsby'.