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The natives of the planet ‘Hanon IV' were a primitive uncivilized humanoid species divided into tribes featured in the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Basics, Part II” in which a Hanon native hunting party captured “Kes” (Jennifer Lien) and “Neelix” (Ethan Phillips). This now fragile costume is a black jumpsuit with a thin sliver painted mesh layer stuck over it and rainbow colored plastic squares. Due to time and use several of the squares have rips in them and some of the mesh has become loose.

Notes from someone


This costume is not worn by any of the Hanon IV aliens (compare with #2680) but is indeed one of the two Tellarite costumes from the TOS episode "Journey to Babel", only the black belt is missing. It was worn by Gav, and then again by the Tellarite inmate on Elba II in "Whom Gods Destroy".
The costume seems to have badly degraded over the years but this is an original piece from that classic TOS episode. The brown borders around the metallic blue squares can be explained by the glue used to attach those squares from the inside of the costume that has somehow corroded over the years.

This item is relisted in week 68 as item #7222.

Compare with #5976.


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