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EBAY#: 140122195617 START: 2007-05-25 13:08:00 (week 24)
END: 2007-06-01 13:08:00
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Positive feedback Great item. As described. Thanks.
A costume style featured in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “Looking for par'MACH in All the Wrong Places”. Appearing on Terry Farrel in her portrayal of “Jadzia Dax” this costume features a costumer’s tag reading ‘Mary Kay Adams’ indicating likely intended use for the character “Grilka” during “Quark’s” (Armin Shimerman) bid for her true affections. The costume is an amazing tan leather jacket with black and white spotter fur sleeves and accents, with leather piping, a tan leather dickie, and a skirt with tan leather panels and jagged trim at the hem. The jacket features a gold colored fiberglass chest plate and gold colored metal accents around the neck. While the dickie features a sewn in Deep Space Nine tag reading ‘Mary Kay Adams’, the dickie and all the other components feature sewn in tags inscribed ‘C.C.’, though we do not see Adams wearing the costume in the episode, so it is possible the costume is the stunt version of the one we see “Dax” wearing.


Canon::Seen on screen | Seen In/Used For::DS9 | Species/Culture::Klingon | Type::Wardrobe