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EBAY#: 140124634575 START: 2007-06-01 16:41:00 (week 25)
END: 2007-06-08 16:41:00
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A costume featured in the Star trek: Deep Space Nine episode “Tribunal”, wherein “Chief O'Brien” (Colm Meaney) is put on trial in a Cardassian court where guilt is assured in every case. The costume is for wear by Caroline Lagerfelt in the role of the Cardassian Archon “Makbar” and is a royal blue, velvet, long sleeved, full-length jumpsuit with a multicolored, dotted piping, epaulettes of a red and black checkerboard design, zip down the back and stirrups for the feet, a corresponding, jacket/tunic but with the royal blue velvet as only a panel across the abdomen, the multicolored, dotted design across the bottom, along the collar and down the sleeves, and the checkerboard pattern as a piping. The costumer’s tag reads ‘DS9 445 Tribunal, Makbar, Caroline Lagerfelt, Cardassian’.