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EBAY#: 140127008006 START: 2007-06-08 17:52:00 (week 26)
END: 2007-06-15 17:52:00
BIDS: 9PRICE: $405.00assumedsuccess
An impressive Ready Room couch that was featured in multiple Star Trek: Enterprise episodes and in the style that appeared in “Captain Archer's” (Scott Bakula) Ready Room. The couch is padded gray fabric with a swooping built in desk. The desk portion has a metal top with a few scratches due to time and use and there are two drawers on the right side. There is a small stain on the left armrest and a larger stain on the front. For convenience the couch is on wheels for ease of positioning. Measures approx. 62 x 35 x 29 inches.