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EBAY#: 140126926924 START: 2007-06-08 14:48:00 (week 26)
END: 2007-06-15 14:48:00
BIDS: 16PRICE: $316.44assumedsuccess
A costume featured in the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Remember”, wherein “Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres” (Roxann Dawson) vivid visions, in the form of dreams, from an unknown passenger on “Voyager”. The costume is for wear by Bruce Davison in the role of “Jareth, an Enaran leader during an event referred to as the “Resettling of the Regressives”, and is a long-sleeved, dark green leather jacket with suede on the shoulders and along the sides, a textured design on the arms, belt loops, and a copper colored metal leaf sigil on the right side of the chest; a leather dickie that utilizes Velcro, tapes, and latches onto the jacket, a matching leather belt, leather-lined holster, and corresponding overall style leather trousers with stirrups for the feet. A sewn in tag reads ‘Voyager, Bruce Davison’ and the costumer’s tag reads ‘148 Remember, Jareth, Bruce Davison’