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A lot of costumes featured in the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Homestead”, wherein “Neelix” finds several hundred of his own people living inside an asteroid that is constantly being bombarded by some miners who claim they own it. The costumes are for wear by Julianne Christie in the role of “Dexa”, the Talaxian woman that Neelix ends up falling in love and staying with on the asteroid, and are a long-sleeved, full-length olive colored dress featuring a panel down the front that has horizontal stripes in white and shades of red, a brown dickie, a sleeveless robe of the same color and design as the striping on the dress; a short-sleeved, reddish orange dress with a textured feel, long sleeves sewn in under the short ones and a dickie of a crinkly fabric, a zip up the back, and a corresponding asymmetrical hemmed skirt. A sleeveless tan robe with a green diamond pattern, various colored spots in the middle, and clasps at the neck; a light sage colored dress in a heavy material, an extremely intricate pattern embroidered on the entire surface of the dress, a wrap around panel on the front that buttons in place and zips closed. A sewn in tag on four out of the five articles reads ‘Voyager, Julianne Christie'