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END: 2007-06-22 14:52:00
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A lot of prop items featured in the Star Trek: Enterprise episodes “Babel One”, “United”, and “The Aenar” for use by the pilot of the Romulan holoship. The items are a motorcycle helmet configured to features multiple placements with attached wiring and tubes, with a padded covering over the windscreen, and internal wiring for two differing 9volt batteries which power a set of lights each. Both are activated by one of two switches, one powering lights on the external right of the helmet, the other a string of lights inside the jaw line of the helmet. The other items are a pair of black gloves with an attached metal cuff to which are affixed a set of spring wires to a knuckle brace where miniature arms connect to fingertip guards. All of the arms are movable with the fingers and feature small plugs for the attachment of other tubes. The gloves measure approx. 14 X 3.5 inches diameter and the helmet 12 X 13 X 11 inches.


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