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EBAY#: 140129609042 START: 2007-06-15 16:31:00 (week 27)
END: 2007-06-22 16:31:00
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A prop item featured in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Stigma” appearing in scenes taking place in the sickbay of “Enterprise NX-01”. The item is the ‘neutron microscope' brought to the ship by “Feezal” (Melinda Page Hamilton), the second of “Dr. Phlox’s” (John Billingsley) wives. The item is made from silver colored aluminum metal components with resin, plastic, and other elements to appear as though it is a microscope. It sits on a heavy base with a long neck, a four switch base with untested lights on the switches themselves, a slide tray, a light emitter for the slide, and a small LCD monitor with an acrylic button board affixed to it. The item also features graphical applications meant to represent buttons faux lights and is accompanied by an extra lens mounting. The item measures approx. 25 X 10 inches diameter with a covered plastic set of wires extending 117 inches.


Canon::Seen on screen | Seen In/Used For::ENT | Species/Culture::Starfleet | Type::Prop