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A lot of prop items acquired for use in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Carpenter Street” appearing with Leland Orser as “Loomis”, the unscrupulous blood bank worker who aided the time traveling Xindi-Reptilians in their quest to create a biogenic weapon. The lot is a collection of paper files and manila file folders, the papers are photocopies of various medical history charts from the ‘Detroit Department of Health', the folders feature applications indicating blood groupings like ‘B+’, ‘O-’, and all of the others. A sack contains is listed as the masters for the copies and a handwritten sheet is inscribed ‘hero files’. The lot also comes with a pair of glass jars with metal lids, both filled with wads of white fabrics intended to appear on screen as a method for incapacitating “Loomis’” victims. One jar does not appear to open, the other one does and smells vaguely of pickles.