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The Enarans are a telepathic race from the planet Enara Prime who were encountered by the U.S.S. Voyager in the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Remember”. “B'Elanna Torres” (Roxann Dawson) realized through intense visions that the Enarans had concealed part of their history in which many Enarans were exterminated. This costume lot includes a pink short dress with pale pink detail on the sides and around the neck that snaps and zip up the front. It has a corresponding belt and thick pink tights. The second short dress is in the same style as the first but in tan and brown colors. It comes with corresponding tan tights. The boy’s costume includes a green jacket with dark green detail on the sides and around the neck that snaps and zips up the front. The corresponding trousers are green. Each costume comes complete with a costume tag.