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EBAY#: 140131571267 START: 2007-06-22 16:14:00 (week 28)
END: 2007-06-29 16:14:00
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Positive feedback Terrific costume, well cared for. Prompt shipping. You guys rock!
A costume featured in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Allegiance”, wherein “Captain Picard” (Patrick Stewart), a random Starfleet cadet, and another unknown alien are kidnapped for equally unknown reasons and placed in a prison cell with a fourth, very pugnacious alien, while a cloned “Picard” is on the “Enterprise-D” arousing suspicions with his odd behavior. This costume is for wear by Gates McFadden in the role of the Chief Medical Officer of the “USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D”, “Dr. Beverly Crusher”, and is a long-sleeved green shirt featuring an off white, silk undershirt, a pleated sweater/wrap with a cashmere-like feel, matching leggings and stirrups for the feet. Also included is another of the sweater-like wraps, a sewn in tag that reads ‘Gates McFadden' and a costumer’s tag that reads ‘Star Trek-next gen, Dr. Crusher, Gates McFadden’. The shirt was reused for an episode of Voyager but has “Gates McFadden” tags in every article.