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A costume featured in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “The Child”, wherein “Counselor Deanna Troi” (Marina Sirtis)is mysteriously impregnated by an unknown alien entity that is born and matures at a fantastic rate. This costume is for wear by veteran actress Whoopi Goldberg in the role of the El-Aiurian bartender whose race was scattered to the four corners of the galaxy by the Borg, “Guinan”, and is a long-sleeved, dark green shirt featuring thin horizontal stripes, two sewn in collars, extra-long rear shirt tail, slight fading on the shoulders due to time and storage, and corresponding trousers, zip cuff adjustment around the ankles, and a black, roughly oval-shaped hat made of a spandex-type material. The costumer's tag reads ‘TNG 127 The Child (Season 2), Guinan, Whoopi Goldberg’.