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EBAY#: 140131571307 START: 2007-06-22 16:30:00 (week 28)
END: 2007-06-29 16:30:00
BIDS: 17PRICE: $4550.00assumedsuccess
A freestanding console piece featured in Star Trek VII: First Contact and Star Trek X: Nemesis placed next to “Commander Riker's” (Jonathan Frakes) bridge chair. The console is made from wood and sheet metal painted metallic bronze with inset back lit smoked acrylic panels which feature LCARS style (Library Computer Access and Retrieval System) graphical applications adhered to them. The working internal electronics function by way of a standard American type-A two prong plug functioning on 120volt power, thus illuminating bulbs in the console and in the pedestal. The item features two metallic Starfleet inventory applications, and the base features a pair of holes for deck mounting. Item measures approx. 22 X 17 X 31 inches and it is recommended that an experienced

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<ul><li>"Caution: These systems follow a GNDN operating protocol", GNDN stands for "Goes Nowhere, Does Nothing." </li><li>"Who holds back the electric car? Who makes Steve Guttenberg a star? We do!" from <i>The Simpsons</i> episode "Homer the Great"</li><li>"Supergenius, I like the sound of that.", Wile E. Coyote from the Roadrunner cartoon.</li></ul>


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