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EBAY#: 140133889229 START: 2007-06-29 14:18:00 (week 29)
END: 2007-07-06 14:18:00
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A costume featured in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “Whispers, wherein “Chief O'Brien” (Colm Meaney) is kidnapped and replaced by a replicant who was going to assassinate the leaders of a rebel faction when they showed for peace talks. The costume is for wear by Bill Hagy in the role of one of the Paradan bodyguards to the Ambassador and is a half length, long-sleeved jumpsuit with a dark violet smocked velvet design, ribbed vinyl insets along the chest, waist, and arms on both sides; silver-black piping, several Velcro closures, neoprene lining; black, overall style trousers, and stirrups for the feet. The costume has minor distress due to time and storage, a sewn in tag that reads ‘Deep Space Nine, Bill Hagy, and a costumer’s tag that reads ‘434 DS9 Whispers, Bodyguard, Bill Hagy’.