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EBAY#: 140133952214 START: 2007-06-29 18:38:00 (week 29)
END: 2007-07-06 18:38:00
BIDS: 18PRICE: $1035.00assumedsuccess
A costume featured in various episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise like “The Andorian Incident” and “Cease Fire” for wear by “Tholos” (Stephen Dennis). The costume is brown vinyl trousers with a crisscross pattern on the outside seam, and a matching brown leather jacket with faux reptile skin trim, black leather gloves, a shoulder harness, and a belt with a black leather flap pocket pouch. The costume also comes with a solid cast resin Andorian energy carbine with an attached shoulder strap wrapped in black plastic tubing. The prop gun is painted an iridescent blue and reflects light measureing approx. 17 X 6 X 2 inches. Sewn in Enterprise tags read ‘David Venafro', and the costumer’s tags reads ‘Enterprise #041 Cease Fire’, ‘Andorian Incident Enterprise 007, Tholos, Stephen Dennis’.