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EBAY#: 140133952220 START: 2007-06-29 18:40:00 (week 29)
END: 2007-07-06 18:40:00
BIDS: 17PRICE: $1480.77confirmedsuccess
Positive feedback amazing wonderful costume , just stunning ...WOW , thanks for packing this well
A costume featured in various episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise like “Zero Hour” for wear by “Commander Dolim”, leader of the Xindi-Reptilian segment of the Xindi Council. The costume is composed of a set of green and gold iridescent trousers made form a multi-pleated fabric with a sewn in Enterprise tag inside inscribed ‘Scott MacDonald', and a matching robe with molded shoulder padding, a front zip and shoulder snaps strips, and an armor cage made from metallic silver and gold painted rubber tubing tied onto a metallic frame with matching iridescent padding in the waist. The cage armor features an affixed purple vinyl holster for an accompanying molded rubber Xindi-Reptilian energy pistol with a white acrylic emitter tip and two molded half moon tubes attached to the sides. The bonding attaching the front end of the right side tube has come loose, the item is painted metallic purple and measures approx. 10 X 6.25 X 2.5 inches. The tubing on the left shoulder of the cage armor has come undone but the item is generally intact, the sewn in Enterprise tag in the robe reads ‘Louis Ortiz #053’ while the costumer’s tag reads ‘Enterprise ep. #053 “The Xindi”, ND Xindi Reptilian Ambassador, Lois Ortiz’ and lists the components. Indeed, there appear to be two Xindi-Reptiles wearing costumes like this in the episode, one being “Dolim” who was portrayed by Scott MacDonald.

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