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EBAY#: 140133889854 START: 2007-06-29 16:58:00 (week 29)
END: 2007-07-06 16:58:00
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The item is a prop PADD, a “Personal Access Display Device”, in the 24th century Next Generation style; it is a thin, gray rectangle consisting of a graphical application on the “screen”, metallic silver accent in the middle, two graphical application “buttons”, a 24th century Starfleet inventory sticker on the back that signifies that it is for Engineering Access Only where you could read from the back and a random Original Series quote in smaller print where you can't. The print on the “screen” is an entire “Starfleet Operations Starship Missions Status” roster for “Sectors 21538-23079” listing the “Starship”, “Class”, “Registry Numbers”, and “Current Assignment” of fifteen starships in two different columns; there is even a listing of the “USS Thomas Paine”, that seems to be on a “Diplomatic mission to Aldaaran.” The item measures approx. 9 X 5.5 inches. While this prop is extremely simple, it has so much character that makes it one of the most remarkable items of the entire Next Generation era.

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Ships listed: USS Ajax, USS Aries, USS Berlin, USS Bradbury, USS Charleston, USS Fearless, USS Goddard, USS Hood, USS Merrimack, USS Monitor, USS Repulse, USS Thomas Paine, USS Trieste, USS Victory, and USS Zhukov. All of these ships appeared also on the Starfleet Mission Status list on the bridge of the Enterprise-D starting in season 4 of TNG. That list had a different sector number range, and different missions, most notably the USS Thomas Paine was on a diplomatic mission to Epsilon Ashanti III rather than Aldaaran. Most of the ships are also included in Picard's fleet shown here in a LCARS display, from "Redemption II".

The label on the back includes the joking reference: "I canna change the laws of physics, captain."


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