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EBAY#: 140133952252 START: 2007-06-29 18:52:00 (week 29)
END: 2007-07-06 18:52:00
BIDS: 31PRICE: $4050.00assumedsuccess
These impressive doors were featured as set dressing for Ten Forward during the Star Trek: The Next Generation series. Each door is made of wood painted brown with wooden ribbing down the center on both the front and back. In the middle is a round piece of smoked acrylic with a silkscreen TNG-style Starfleet emblem. Each door has two runners on the top. Due to time, use and storage there are some chips in the wood most notably on the right door left of center. Each door measures approx. 98 x 33 x 4 inches making the combined width of the two doors 66 inches.

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These are not the Ten Forward doors. After the end of TNG, and after "Generations", the Ten Forward set was redressed to represent Voyager's mess hall for the entire run of the series. This included redressing the original Ten Forward doors. They were repainted dark grey (no longer featuring the wooden pattern of the TNG doors) and the arrowhead was replaced by a LCARS-like pattern. The real Ten Forward doors no longer exist in this form.

The doors being sold by IAW in this listing were constructed for the TNG episode "Conspiracy", and were seen in that episode in the interior of Starfleet Command. They are nearly identical to the Ten Forward doors, except they have blurry (or "smoked") windows. The real Ten Forward doors always had clear windows.

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