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The “Hupyrians” are a humanoid species who were popular with the Ferengi Grandi Nagi who used them as servants. They were devoted and took vows of silence with the exception of addressing their masters. “Maihar'du” (Tiny Ron) was the servant and imposing bodyguard of the Grand Nagus “Zek” (Wallace Shawn) first featured in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “The Nagus”. This costume was made for wear in the episode “Ferengi Love Songs”. At 7 feet tall, Maihar’du’s large costume includes a blue and black woolen top with metallic blue slivers up the front, over the shoulders and down the back. Around the collar and sides there is gold colored patterning on a blue background and there is a zip up the back. The corresponding trousers are made of brown and black wool and the fingerless gloves are blue and black wool. Also included are brown painted shoes with tubing instead of laces. The sewn in tags read “Deep Space Nine – Tiny Ron”. Costume comes complete with costume tag.