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EBAY#: 140136000592 START: 2007-07-06 14:42:00 (week 30)
END: 2007-07-13 14:42:00
BIDS: 13PRICE: $665.55confirmedsuccess
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A costume featured in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Babel One”, wherein the “Enterprise NX-01” picks up a Tellarite ambassador and journeys to a planet called “Babel” for peace talks with the Andorians. This costume is for wear by Pablo Soriano in the role of a Tellarite representative and is a a padded white shirt, black sleeves, a full-length, long-sleeved robe of olive and rust colored fabric, a vertical, diamond pattern with geometric shapes inside, numerous brass-colored buttons, slightly reflective, copper colored accents on the sleeves and along the chest, more clasps and buttons down the front; a long-sleeved jacket with a design of squares and rectangles in shades or green and blue, intricately carved copper colored buttons, more of the same reflective accents, a Tellarite sigil on the back, open sleeves, green, overall style trousers with textured, vertical stripes, and gray/green leather shoes. This costume is an excellent example of the quality and craftsmanship that went into one costume for a character that didn't even have a name in said episode. A sewn in tag reads ‘Enterprise, Pablo Soriano #88’ and the costumer’s tag reads ‘Enterprise #88 Babel One, Tellarite, Pablo Soriano’.