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These prop swords were used in several sequences throughout various episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation as well as being hung on the wall of “Lieutenant Worf's” (Michael Dorn) quarters; these weapons were also featured in the fight between “Duras” (Patrick Masset) and “Worf” after it is discovered he was responsible for “K’Ehleyr’s” (Suzie Plakson) death. One of the swords has a black hilt with a hand guard, a long, curved, double-sided blade with some nasty serrations on the outer side; the other has a similar hand guard, similar, long-curved blade, but with a barb on the inner side and black leather cord wrapped around the cross guard. Both swords are made of real metal and have nicks in the blades from use on screen. One swords measures approx. 37 X 6 X 1 inches and the other 36 X 8 X 1 inches.