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EBAY#: 140138148706 START: 2007-07-13 14:00:00 (week 31)
END: 2007-07-20 14:00:00
BIDS: 17PRICE: $710.00confirmedsuccess
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A Klingon uniform costume featured in the Star Trek: Enterprise episodes “Bounty”, “The Expanse”, and “Borderland”. The costume is form fitting brown spandex trousers with a multi-fabric top including faux fur, leather, and fabric elements. The sleeves are silver colored metal ‘chain mail' with gold colored metal ringlets distressed to appear ‘rusty’. The fur is spotted and bunched for accent, and the costume comes with a belt harness made from wound and wrapped pieces of leather with grommets and Velcro placements. The sewn in Enterprise tag lists multiple actors use, the costumer’s tag matches those actors names reading ‘Enterprise, Klingon, Ben Scott #051, Dan Desmond #052, David LaBell #080’.