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A costume featured in various episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine for wear by Jem'Hadar troops and crew. The costume is neoprene coveralls with patterned legs, with a matching pattern neoprene uniform jacket and a black neoprene vest. The costume also comes with a rubber belt-harness with impressive molded details. Matching boots are accompanying which were not photographed. A selection of unattached accents is accompanying meant to suggest hardware all of which are made from sturdy cast resin, plastic, and metal components, colored black by material or paint, several featuring Velcro placements, the others intended to be wired or sewn in. The distress is evident in that the uniform legs feature a degree of generally placed minor tears in the top layer of the patterned section, more likely due to time and storage conditions, a degree of wear it present on the piping. Multiple sewn in Deep Space Nine tags indicate use by multiple actors.