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EBAY#: 140145968347 START: 2007-08-10 16:43:00 (week 35)
END: 2007-08-17 16:43:00
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The Klingon Magistrate costume featured in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Judgment” for wear by Granville Van Dusen. The costume is a dark green robe a with textured pattern, and green suede inside the sleeves to be worn over a black zip front jacket with a green suede collar and gold colored ‘chain mail' sleeves. The costume features a snap on structured hood with gold colored Klingon iconographic lettering adhered to it in sequence, a skullcap matching the robe, and a green colored belt with a gold wrapping and ‘buckle’. The costumer’s tag reads ‘Enterprise #045 “Judgment” Magistrate, Granville Van Dusen’ and lists the components.