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EBAY#: 140140417218 START: 2007-07-20 18:58:00 (week 32)
END: 2007-07-27 18:58:00
BIDS: 25PRICE: $3050.00assumedsuccess
A freestanding set piece featured in Star Trek X: Nemesis for use as a computer console. The item is made from sheet metal with an acrylic console interface with a backlit graphical application applied to the inside which depicts an LCARS style access (Library Computer Access and Retrieval). The main interface features various multi-colored faux buttons and lights that illuminate their ‘buttons' at intervals, and a second much smaller button panel which is static. The item is powered by a single type-A three prong plug that runs on standard American 120volt electricity. The base features holes for screw mounting to a deck and is inscribed ‘ND Nemesis’, a Starfleet inventory application is present on the reverse listing ‘Environmental Systems 24-405. The main graphic features a degree of damage due possibly to heat in only one section of the interface and a minor bit of the wood pedestal has flecked away on the underside of the console. The item measures approx. 45.5 42.5 X 15 inches.