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EBAY#: 140142462347 START: 2007-07-27 16:44:00 (week 33)
END: 2007-08-03 16:44:00
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Neutral feedback Poor communications, very slow delivery, still missing items to-date
A silver colored metal bulletin board and a selection of books featured as set dressing in the quarters of “Hoshi Sato” (Linda Park) in Star Trek: Enterprise. The bulletin board is covered by a perforated metal mesh which allows push pins to be pressed through holding any of the impressive items onto the board. The items range from paper print out of what may be readouts from a PADD (Personal Access Display Device) depicting Vulcan iconographic writing with various marks around certain portions of the dialogue and pronunciation guides penned out by “Hoshi”; one reads ‘Vulac-Kree', the other ‘Pon-Farr?’. Another pair of readouts depict ‘Activity Report’ and ‘Duty Assignment.’. A paper copy of an alien calendar is represented by various black and white circle designs with multiple red ink notes and directive lines. One center pinned strip appears to be the language of the ‘Axanar’, and another paper star chart indicates the location of such star systems and worlds as ‘Earth’, ‘Wolf 359’, ‘Andoria’, and ‘Grombridge 34’. The reverse of this item is inscribed ‘Hoshi’ and the items have been pinned in the same place as they were by production staff since production according to continuity photograph references. The books are ‘Conversational Cambodian’ by Hippocrene Books, New York, the novel “Star Trek: Voyager, Mosaic” by Jeri Taylor, hardback with Chinese lettering on a spin covering, “Languages of the Sub-Sahara” from the ‘Teach Yourself’ series, the hardback novel of “Star Trek: Generations” with a spine covering reading ‘Lao Script, The Luangraban Simplification’, a hardback novel titled “Harmful Intent” by Baine Kerr with a spine covering reading ‘Xu Shen & The First Chinese Dictionary’, and another hardback novel, “Jerusalem’s Heart, The Zion Trilogy, Book 3” by Bodie and Brock Theone with spine and cover alterations reading ‘Languages of the Sub-Sahara’. Finally, a vinyl covered guide book titled “National Audubon Society, Field Guide to the Night Sky” from 1991, the outside cover of which is adorned with an “Enterprise NX-01” assignment application in full color.


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