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EBAY#: 140142461953 START: 2007-07-27 14:10:00 (week 33)
END: 2007-08-03 14:10:00
BIDS: 8PRICE: $610.00assumedsuccess
A costume featured in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Family”; wherein “Captain Picard” goes home to France to visit his brother and his family in order to aid his recuperation from assimilation. This costume is for wear by Jeremy Kemp in the role of “Captain Jean-Luc Picard's” (Patrick Stewart) brother “Robert Picard”, and is a long-sleeved, button down, light-blue shirt featuring small, blue, diamond shapes around the shoulders and white ones along the surface of the rest of the shirt, dark-blue trousers with pleats at the waist, and stirrups for the feet; brown trousers featuring pleats around the waist, stirrups for the feet, and leather patches on the knees. A sewn in tag on one of the trousers reads ‘Jeremy Kemp’, the other denotes reuse in “Voyager” but the costumer’s tag reads ‘TNG #178 Family, Robert, Jeremy Kemp’.