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EBAY#: 140142462179 START: 2007-07-27 15:40:00 (week 33)
END: 2007-08-03 15:40:00
BIDS: 14PRICE: $393.88assumedsuccess
A costume lot from the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Workforce” in which the crew of the U.S.S. Voyager were captured by a massive industrial consortium and brainwashed into believing they'd been employees of the company forever. The lot includes a shiny blue male jumpsuit with a matching belt, a zip up the front, and an orange, blue and white sewn on division patch on the left shoulder front depicting ‘Quarren’ character letters. A Quarren security costume that includes a brown wool coat with black leather sleeves and collar and a zip up the front. On the sleeves are Quarren security patches one of which depicts ‘Quarren’ character letters. On the right side of the chest is a round Velcro patch. The accompanying trousers are black leather as is the black belt and holster. A “Med. Tech.” Costume that includes a brown shirt that zips at the front and has pleated detail around the shoulders along with a pair of matching brown trousers. A “patient” costume that has criss-crosses at the front and snaps into place on each side. There are pleats around the shoulder for detail. Costumes come complete with costume tags.