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EBAY#: 140144566053 START: 2007-08-03 14:08:00 (week 34)
END: 2007-08-10 14:08:00
BIDS: 14PRICE: $520.00unknown
Negative feedback Took over 2 months to ship and horrible communication. No velcro on chest either
A costume featured similar to those featured throughout the last season of Deep Space Nine for wear by Nicole DeBoer in the role of the ninth host of the Dax symbiont and counselor of Deep Space Nine, “Ezri Dax”, and is an unfinished Starfleet uniform of the style that was first used in the feature film “First Contact” and went on to become the standard; it consists of a long-sleeved, full-length, black jumpsuit featuring blue-gray, quilted shoulders, a Velcro patch for a commbadge (not included), a zip down the front, a Sciences blue undershirt sewn onto a flesh-colored undergarment, and white tacking along the zip, collar, wrist and ankle cuffs. The costume includes two extra undershirts and a sewn in tag which reads ‘Deep Space Nine, Nicole de Boer' and is the last “Ezri Dax” uniform heretofore located.