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EBAY#: 140144614958 START: 2007-08-03 16:25:00 (week 34)
END: 2007-08-10 16:25:00
BIDS: 9PRICE: $898.00assumedsuccess
A lot of three LCARS (Library Computer Access and Retrieval System) style panels. One panel is believed to be from a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine runabout set, vaguely trapezoidal in shape the item is a piece of smoked acrylic with a graphical application adhered to the reverse which appears when backlit. The item depicts a circular multi-colored pitch and attitude control on the left with multiple status bars, and faux buttons positioned throughout. The other two items are similar except in size and appearance. One features metallic gold adhesive details across the control surface and is rectangular with rounded corners. It appears as a readout screen and features a graphic of what may be island topography which is represented as ‘Standby Phase Variant Analysis'. A section of the graphic is torn away on the right side. The third item is similar with metallic gold detail on the surface, but is trapezoidal and features a closer view of the topographic display. The items measure approx. 53 X 13 inches, 53 X 8.5 inches, and 41.25 X 9 inches respectively. They all appear to have been created for insets of a control console as opposed to having been positioned on a wall.