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EBAY#: 140144671910 START: 2007-08-03 17:00:00 (week 34)
END: 2007-08-10 17:00:00
BIDS: 18PRICE: $280.01confirmedsuccess
Positive feedback Excellent descriptions of merchandise.Purchase arrived complete and well packed.
A costume featured in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “The Magnificent Ferengi”; wherein “Quark” (Armin Shimerman), “Nog” (Aron Eisenberg), “Rom” (Max Grodenchik) lead some Ferengi on a journey to Empok Nor to try to bargain a captured Vorta for their mother's freedom. This costume is a long-sleeved, light brown colored, shirt featuring a textured diamond pattern, diagonal pleating, a zip up the back, and identical shirt that has a large discoloration and small tear in it to denote a phaser blast he received that was meant for “Quark”; trousers featuring a two-tone blue raised pattern of random shapes, a long-sleeved shirt of the same style and pleating as the other but with a lighter brown color, an abstract spiral design, and are also distressed for effect. Lastly is a long-sleeved, over-jacket of a similar shade of brown as the rest of the shirts but with lighter shaded, staggered, horizontal stripes, and oversized blue collars featuring a gray floral design, vertical, orange and red, jagged stripes that cover the shoulders and wrap around the front of the garment. A sewn in tag in each garment reads ‘Deep Space Nine, Christopher Shea’ and the costumer’s tag reads ‘DS9, Keevan (Vorta), Christopher Shea’.