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EBAY#: 140144690981 START: 2007-08-03 18:40:00 (week 34)
END: 2007-08-10 18:40:00
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“Dr. Soong” (Brent Spiner) was a cyberneticist who created the Soong-type androids including “Data” (Brent Spiner) and “Lore” (Brent Spiner). These are Soong-type android parts made for use during the filming of Star Trek episodic television. The lot includes two cast foam lower legs, one foot and one hand. Each is painted to appear like android “Skin” however due to time and use the paint is flaking off. At each end of the limbs and on the end of the foot and hand are gray plastic compartments with silver and red labels for detail. Each has a flashing green LED light housed on it that is activated by a switch on the side however only two of them work. Due to time and use some of the plastic is breaking away from the foam limbs. The biggest limb measures approx. 14 x 4 ½ inches diameter.