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EBAY#: 140151394683 START: 2007-08-24 17:49:00 (week 37)
END: 2007-08-31 17:49:00
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A costume similar to those featured throughout Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. This costume is for wear by Andrew Robinson in the role of one of the most enigmatic characters in all of Star Trek, the former Obsidian Order Operative turned exiled tailor, “Elim Garak”; it consists of a pair of black trousers featuring a soft, fractured or wrinkled feel to them and stirrups for the feet, a long-sleeved, rust-colored tunic with a red, reflective design that resembles oil in water or some kind of wood grain motif. The best part of this garment is the jacket; it is a neoprene-like material, and features a brown, silk-like fabric along part of the sleeves, just under the collar, and along the sides, with random pieces of darker brown velvet and a similar brown fabric with textured, randomly-spaced squares down the front and back, and along the rest of the sleeves. Sewn in tags reads ‘Deep Space Nine, Andrew Robinson' and the costumer’s tag reads ‘DS9, Garak, Andrew Robinson, copper lizard’.