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EBAY#: 140153520590 START: 2007-08-31 18:11:00 (week 38)
END: 2007-09-07 18:11:00
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A lot of costume aspects featured in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Two Days and Two Nights”; wherein the senior staff of the “Enterprise NX-01” spends a few days on the pleasure planet of Risa but it turns out to be anything but a relaxing trip. This lot consists of a long-sleeved, light-green tunic for wear by James Ingersoll as one of the Risans that “Ensign Sato” (Linda Park) strikes up a conversation with to test her Risan; a light-brown, wrap-around skirt with a textured diamond pattern, another metallic brown skirt with textured, abstract shapes, and a brown skirt featuring a checkerboard design of brown, blue, and tan with textured vertical stripes along the length of it. Also included is a light, open brown variation on the tunic with yellow and blue stripes, a sleeveless, full-length, quilted, metallic brown tunic with the same blue and shades of brown in diagonal and horizontal stripes, an oversized, almost full-length, olive-green, short sleeved shirt and a shear, pink, wrap-around skirt with a printed design that resembles tie-dye. All items were found together, various sewn in denote use by various actors, and the costumer's tag reads ‘Enterprise, #025, Two Days and Two Nights’.