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EBAY#: 140153445935 START: 2007-08-31 16:23:00 (week 38)
END: 2007-09-07 16:23:00
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A white Starfleet engineer's radiological suit appearing in Star Trek feature films. The costume is a large white jumpsuit with ribbing on the sleeves and legs with an affixed metal breath mask connection on the left breast and an affixed trainee red division strip in the left sleeve with a yellow engineering intention flash. The costume comes with these uattached elements: a white placement with a silver colored metal badge indicating the wearer to be an ‘able-seaman’, a pair of yellow division strips for the shoulders, a name badge with ‘MARVA’ etched into it, a copper colored foil center chest accent, a red ribbed collar indicating the wearer to be a trainee, a pair of silver colored metal rigging loops, a pair of gloves with red tube ‘thermal’ accents, a pair of ‘thermal’ accents for the thighs and one for the left arm, and a reflective silver accent for the waist. The costume also features a sewn on yellow backed Starfleet logo patch on the left shoulder.