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EBAY#: 140153520580 START: 2007-08-31 18:07:00 (week 38)
END: 2007-09-07 18:07:00
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Positive feedback Excellent Costume, even better than described !1 Month from Payment to Delivery
The Hirogens are a strong nomadic race of hunters featured in multiple Star Trek: Voyager episodes including “Message in a Bottle” and “Hunters”. A black full length cast rubber body suit painted with silver details to give it an armored appearance, with matching gloves, and boots. A secondary bonus pair of boots is also included. The right breast features a pair of green lights that are molded into the costume and activated by a battery box housed behind the left shoulder. It is hidden under the encasing back mold. It requires four AA batteries (not included) to operate the lights. This costume would have made appearances in episodes like “Flesh and Blood, Part I” and “Hunters”. Due to time, use and storage the costume has significant wear, most notably around the shoulders. Costume comes complete with costume tag.