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EBAY#: 140153405383 START: 2007-08-31 14:18:00 (week 38)
END: 2007-09-07 14:18:00
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Positive feedback million thanks for the screen-used voyager tricorder-A+A+A+A+
A prop item featured similar to those used throughout Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Voyager and believed to have been used by “Neelix” (Ethan Phillips) in several episodes of Voyager and features a holster that obviously belonged to him. The Tricorders were made for Starfleet as a multi-purpose scientific and technical device; all of which were fitted with cutting edge sensing equipment. This tricorder is resin cast in gray with a flip-open design to maximize portability and incorporates graphical applications as visual displays and data interfaces, mock “button” touch pads, a label on the bottom that reads “TR-590 Tricorder IX, Starfleet R&D San Francisco”, yellow plastic accents on the outside top; a molded plastic holster in a bright teal shade and metal clips for the belt are also included. The item measures approx. 4 X 3.5 X 1.5 in the holster.