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A lot of prop weapons featured in the tenth Star Trek feature film, “Nemesis” wherein a political coup takes place in the Romulan Empire and the crew of the “Enterprise-E” travel into its heart and “Captain Picard” (Patrick Stewart) finds a familiar face planning the destruction of Earth. This lot includes three prop weapons rubber-cast in black: a pistol based on the GLOCK 17 featuring an altered muzzle and olive-green accents to make it appear more “alien”; a shotgun based on the Valtro shotgun featuring a banana clip directly in front of the trigger, olive-colored straps and material accent wrapped around the body, an altered muzzle, and further olive-green, rubber accent on top, another shotgun like the first but with the trigger up towards the front, a rubber hose leading from the olive-green accent on the top, much shorter clip, a different muzzle, and reinforced stock; a sub-machinegun based on the FN P90 with only similar olive-green fabric and strap added. All measurements are approximate: the pistol measures approx. 9 X 6 X 1.5 inches, the sub-machine gun is 20 X 12 X 3 inches, and the shotgun is 29 X 2 X 5 inches.