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EBAY#: 140155855480 START: 2007-09-07 15:30:00 (week 39)
END: 2007-09-14 15:30:00
BIDS: 8PRICE: $735.00assumedsuccess
“Captain Archer” (Scott Bakula) huge civilian costume lot made for wear on the Star Trek: Enterprise series. The lot includes gray “Adidas” trousers, a long sleeved gray top and a short sleeved gray “Calvin Klein” V-neck t-shirt. The trousers and long sleeved top have sewn in tags that read “Enterprise, Scott Bakula”. A brown V-neck t-shirt with a sewn in costume tag that reads, “Enterprise, Scott Bakula” and a green ribbed “Kenneth Cole” t-shirt with a sewn in tag that reads, “Scott Bakula”. Blue small checkered pajamas with buttons up the front and an embroidered pocket with the initials “HFH” sewn onto it. The sewn in tag in the pajama trousers reads, “Enterprise, Scott Bakula”. Gray shorts with a sewn in tag that reads, “Enterprise, Scott Bakula” and a navy blue sleeveless “French Connection” t-shirt with a sewn in tag that reads, “Scott Bakula”. A costume from the Star Trek: Enterprise episode, “The Communicator” that includes a brown leather jacket with snaps up the front, a brown waistcoat with a zip up the front and brown trousers. The trousers have circular stitching across the seat, some of which is loose. The sewn in tags in the jacket and waistcoat both read, “Enterprise, Scott Bakula, #34”. “The Communicator” costume comes complete with costume tag that reads, “ENT, The Communicator, #34, Archer”.