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EBAY#: 140158156892 START: 2007-09-14 15:26:00 (week 40)
END: 2007-09-21 15:26:00
BIDS: 20PRICE: $1247.22confirmedsuccess
Positive feedback Superb costume, great packaging, fast service, thanks very much!
A costume similar to the one featured in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Rightful Heir” for wear by the clone of “Kahless, the Unforgettable” and the Deep Space Nine episode “Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places” for wear by “Quark” (Armin Shimerman). This costume consists of a tan dickie in a faux-reptile skin design, a sleeveless, gray tunic with vertical pleats, a gray, sleeveless tunic featuring circular patterns stitched in white; overall-style, tan trousers with a raised, interlocking, oval pattern, stirrups for the feet, and tan, fingerless gloves with “claws” attached to them. A long-sleeved jacket featuring white, faux fur with black spots, wide, tan, faux suede, diagonal stripes, and a wrap around front that attaches via hooks. A sewn in tag several of the garments reads ‘Star Trek: TNG, Ken Lesco’.