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EBAY#: 140155855471 START: 2007-09-07 15:28:00 (week 39)
END: 2007-09-14 15:28:00
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This lot is a costume uniform worn in Star Trek X: Nemesis by a Reman Warrior. An offshoot society of the Romulans, these aliens exist in almost total darkness, treated as second class citizens until a leader rises among them and puts their entire race on a path to conquest. With a starship more powerful than any other, built from a secret base and with uniforms and weapons all their own the Remans come out of the shadows and meet their enemies like hunters stalking prey. This costume is comprised of a purple full length uniform jumpsuit with gold trim that zips up the front, and has zips at the cuffs and ankles, matching gloves with zips that close with zips of their own, and a pair of matching boots. The collar features a ‘Reman X' on the back of it like the one that attaches to the belly via Velcro. Additionally it comes with a purple shoulder-accent unique to the Reman costume that Velcro together in the front and lace underneath the arms. Padding is evident within to protect the vinyl costume over which it is worn. The exterior is covered in molded plastic accents with intricate sewn in details. An internally worn vest is available for wear for comfort within the costume. The accompanying Reman head application was used to create the look of the alien species. Made of cast latex, this four piece set consists of the detailed skull cap with cranial ridges and spray-paint to compete the effect of Reman skin. The ears are separated but included. The face application is designed to cover the top half of the face and has the same detailed attention paid to it to create the finished Reman appearance.